We take care of your yacht the way that you would.

Your yacht is the apple of your eye but you don’t live permanently in Mallorca: so you worry about it, all of the time. The Boat Charter Mallorca Guardianage and Maintenance team love boats as well and we understand how difficult it is to be separated from your pride and joy.

The weather in Mallorca can be very cruel towards boats: from one day to the next your yacht could be subjected to salt, sun, sand storms from the Sahara, and rain, repeat ad infinitum! The Mediterranean weather has a huge impact and it can feel as if your vessel is under constant attack. You have to look after your boat thoroughly and knowledgably.

Cleaning Hull

Pre-Season Checks (March)

  • All oil and coolant levels checked
  • Raw water inspected and cleaned as required
  • All hydraulic systems tested and inspected
  • Hot water system tested and inspected
  • Battery levels checked and topped up where required
  • Run up air conditioning coolers and air handlers – filters cleaned as required
  • Test all lighting and replace bulbs as required
  • Switch on and test all navigation equipment
  • Run up engines and gen set making note of hours run
polishing yacht maintenance mallorca

Summer Package (May-Oct)

  • One Full Detailed Teak Clean
  • Internal Clean – Once Every 2 Weeks
  • External Clean – Weekly (additional wash down after red rain)
  • Organisation of Sub-Contractors
  • One Full Detailed Carpet Clean
  • Unlimited Call-Out Requests
  • Towels/Bedding Organisation
  • Full Drainage Washout
  • Security Check-Up Daily
cleaning yacht maintenance mallorca

Winter Package (Nov-Apr)

  • External Clean – Once Per Month (additional wash down after red rain)
  • Internal Clean – Once Per Month
  • Storm Attendance
  • Unlimited Call-Out Requests
  • Organisation of Sub-Contractors<
  • Towels/Bedding Organisation
  • Security Check-Up 3x Per Week

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